creative direction & design for marketing

Award-Winning, Responsive, Results-Oriented Marketer with a Passion for Branding and Design that Gets Results!

C-Level Simpatico

I liaison between the big suite, sales, and the design team to get peak performance. If you are clear on the objectives, so is your team.

Client Friendly

I absolutely love working with clients. No seriously. Yes, you have to know when to say when, under-commit and over-deliver, like things you may not; but it’s a great feeling when it all comes together.


I play nice with others, because without others, there is no organization. And an agency divided against it self cannot stand. Or get things done.


30 awards and counting ...
It's the message, not the medium

And I don't plan on stopping anytime soon. After all, it's all I know how to do. All I ever wanted to do.

So here I am, an Award-winning Creative and de facto Marketing Director expert in developing programs and strategies, branding, messaging and marketing materials that drive results for business owners and their clients.

I have become an accomplished leader as well, able to motivate and mentor creative teams. 30 awards for creative excellance to date and I'll bet a bunch more.

American Web Design Award 2015, Health + Wellness Design Award 2015, 14 American Graphic Design USA Awards, ‘02, ‘03, ‘04, ‘14, GD USA Editorial Design Award 2012, 12 American Inhouse Design Awards 2005, 2008, 2010, 19th Annual FCS Portfolio Award 2012, CEBA Award 2005

  • design matters

    Contrary to "ugly sells" advocates, if it looks poorly thought out, it will perfom so.

  • creative mentor

    The key is all about learning. Subordinates need to grow for satisfaction.

  • project management

    Everything right and on time.

  • flexibility

    High pressure expectations and tight deadlines require agility and an encouraging atmosphere.

Client Client Client

Examples of work by medium

This is merely a brief sampling from my extensive library of work and is updated/revised periodically