Ad Campaigns

Rugged Shark ad campaign for Footwear News.
The challenge was how to reinvent a stale brand focused on fishermen
to appeal to a younger demographic as a cooler sportswear shoe.RugdShark1

RugdShark4 RugdShark3 RugdShark2How do you increase a blood drive attendance by over 300%? Position it to play to your organizations strenghts!

blooddrivead1-1 blooddrivead2-1 blooddrivead3-1 blooddrivead4-1



FlowPay set out to revolutionize tithing. Figuring out how best to make sense of that in the campaign was the challenge.FlowPayChurchExAd_MECHad1.01.14.13.inddFlowPayChurchExAd_MECHad1.01.14.13.inddFlowPayChurchExAd_MECHad1.01.14.13.indd

Charlie’s Prides needed a little “I get it” to make the product click with audiences.

Charlie'sPride Charlie'sPride2